Colorado Jobs and Labor Force Update: July 2021

The CSI has released its latest report about Colorado jobs and labor force.

Key Findings:

  • Colorado added 14,800 total nonfarm jobs in July. At this pace, the state would reach pre-pandemic employment levels by Jan. ’22. To recover to pre-pandemic employment levels by January 2023—after adjusting for population growth—Colorado needs add 9,202 jobs each month on average.
  • Total employment levels are down 3% or 85,900 jobs relative to pre-pandemic levels, ranking Colorado 16th in terms of July 2021 job levels relative to January 2020.

The #Shecession still looms… The July Labor Force Participation Rate for moms in Colorado was down 7 percentage points from 76.2% in January 2020 to 69.2% in July 2021. If the pre-pandemic LFPR for CO had maintained, there would be 96,155 more women in the labor force today.

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