Bold Voice of Business


Bold Voice of Business

Unpredictable, costly government kills jobs and investment.

  • Government and the community need to be reminded that a good standard of living begins with a well-paying job. As much as possible, business and government need to be aligned around a common economic vision.
Bold Voice of Business


Support the election of business-supportive people to local office:
  • During City Council election cycles, communicate the economic and business positions of the candidates to Chamber members and the public.
Enhance support of residents for business by implementing a dynamic, comprehensive communication campaign:
  • Develop research-based messaging that resonates with local residents.
  • Maintain direct, ongoing communication with the public that emphasizes the importance of business to a strong quality of life.
  • Upgrade communications assets like and, along with social media channels.
  • Continuously strengthen the Chamber’s public contact database.
  • Expand communication via diverse avenues: person-to-person, earned media, traditional media, mail, digital media and social marketing.
Strengthen the Chamber’s ability to conduct policy and fiscal analysis to proactively impact city government policies:
  • Conduct a situation assessment study to identify issues that will affect Fort Collins area businesses over the next few years.
  • Prepare and implement strategies to effectively address each key issue.


Northern Front Range Zero Net Carbon Task Force Summary Report - March  2019