Fix North I-25


Fix I-25

Severe congestion along the essential I - 25 corridor. Unless addressed, three-hour trips to DIA and Denver could become routine.

  • The northern stretch of I-25 is congested and becoming worse as the population increases. And the population is increasing—the population of Larimer and Weld counties is projected to double by 2040. Without improvements, within 15 years, it is projected to take three hours to drive the 60 miles to Denver and DIA.
Fix I-25



Strengthen the State Lobbying Effort:

  • Communicate regularly with the Governor’s office, the state legislature and the Department of Transportation in order to keep North I-25 as the top funding priority of the Colorado Department of Transportation.
  • Persuade the legislature to create permanent transportation funding in the General Fund.
  • Convince the Legislature to refer a measure to voters to approve a bonding program for construction projects like North I-25.
  • Identify, consider and pursue all viable funding options for transportation, such as federal freight corridor grants, dedicated transportation sales tax, and a regional transportation authority.

Build Public Support:

  • Implement a comprehensive communications campaign to increase and sustain public support.
  • Develop a powerful list of grassroots supporters that can be mobilized in support of key legislation.

Lead Key Alliances:

  • Continue to lead the Fix North I-25 Business Alliance, which has launched a permanent lobbying effort to secure the money necessary to widen I-25.
  • Continue to support the work of Fix Colorado Roads.