THRIVE GLOBAL: 10 Ways To Engage A Mature Workforce

With the growth of the multi-generational workforce, it’s essential that leaders ensure all team members are motivated to deliver their best, but how do you motivate the maturer members of your team?

By Janice Sutherland, Women’s Leadership Expert at This Woman Can

You can’t have escaped the news that people are both living and working longer, which in turn means the average workforce will consist of a number of mature workers. This in turns brings its own nuances when it comes to engaging your team. That outward bound team building exercise you had planned or the club night session may not (or may – let me not be judgmental here) be successful at motivating your entire workforce. This provides employers with a unique opportunity to get creative when motivating and engaging a more mature and experienced workforce further aiding staff retention. Keep these top 10 engagement ideas in mind:

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